The Keiskamma Trust is a currency community organization centred in Hamburg in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, which works to foster hope and offer support for the vulnerable through holistic and creative programmes and partnerships.


Coleen Driessel Tribute

Coleen sadly passed in December 2015 after a short illness. Many of us became aware of how close and strong her family are, seeing them with her during her illness. The day before she was admitted to hospital for surgery she was still trying to get payments up to date.
Coleen worked for Keiskamma Trust for over 12 years. She was loved by all make money , in spite of always being direct and honest and speaking her mind or perhaps because of this. She was a positive presence in the finance office and cared deeply for all the staff. She went out of her way to make sure people were paid on time and people were happy and felt valued.
For many years she bought clothes, gifts, furniture and baby’s jerseys from her church in Port Alfred for the crèches in the area. She helped with the Christmas party each year for over ten years.
We were honoured to have the like of her as a friend and colleague.
We wish Brian and her family peace and exchange comfort.
(Carol Hofmeyr)