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Have you heard about the new Spina Zonke slots available at Hollywoodbets? This leading South African bookmaker launched Spina Zonke slots as an addition to its already impressive lineup of betting products.

Let’s unpack everything you need to know about how to play Spina Zonke slots online.

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Play Spina Zonke at Hollywoodbets

Spina Zonke is the new slot sensation available from Hollywoodbets. You get 57 games to select in the lineup, with games to suit any playing style. The themes with Spina Zonke slots range from sports to history. Play slots with a gangster theme or celebrating the Ancient Greek Gods.

Depending on the slot you pick, minimum bets start at 10c, ranging up to 88c per spin. Each Spina Zonke slot game has a unique theme, symbols, bonuses, payouts, and betting options. There’s enough selection available to suit your gaming needs with Spina Zonke slots.

How Does Spina Zonke Work?

Start in the Spina Zonke lobby and choose the game you want to play by clicking the icon. After the game finishes loading, it directs you to the paytable, displaying the symbol’s value and your potential payout.

Spina Zonke slots include free spins and bonus rounds when you hit the right combinations. After you understand the game parameters, click accept and open the game.

You can click the coin icon at any time to adjust your bet level and coin size to suit your stakes. The auto-play function lets you do some hands-off spinning. Click the icon on the right and select the number of auto-spins you want to play. You also have the option to auto-spin until your balance hits a specific amount.

On the bottom center of the game screen, you’ll see the menu icon. Clicking it brings up more options, including the info button. Click on the info button, and you’ll see more information on the paytable regarding bonus rounds, symbols, and other special features of the game.

You also get icons displaying your bet history, and you get support through the help button. You can return to the Hollywoodbets home page at any time by clicking the icon.

How Do I Bet on Spina Zonke Slots?

Playing a few games on Spina Zonke is easy. This user-friendly platform is suitable for play on desktops and mobile devices. When placing your bet, the coin value presents you with the value of each token. The bet level shows the number of coins you bet on a single spin.

When you increase or decrease your wager, your bet-cash amount increases or decreases, giving you the same stake as in sports betting games.

If you decrease or increase the bet level, the bet-cash amount (your stake) also changes according to the coin size (the token value). When you’re satisfied with your betting parameters, you can start playing the game.

When you strike a winning combo, Spina Zonke highlights the matching symbols and your winnings.

Spin and Win with Spina Zonke Today!

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