Lots of Slots and Online Casinos

Video games and online casino games have been on a constant bearing for some time now, and have met in the Nintendo Switch game Lots of Slots. Read on to learn more about this exciting distraction, and the increasing resemblance of online Canadian casinos and video games.

Lots of Slots

Lots of Slots is a game for the Nintendo Switch that combines the convenience of the mobile platform with the thrills and spills of Las Vegas slots. This single player game includes 15 machines to spin, such as Cats and Dogs, and Gladiator, and gives players 15,000 coins to start with. More can be acquired through bonus spins, with more rewards unlocked by levelling up.

If you’ve always liked the idea of online betting sites and want to try your hand at spinning the reels without worrying about making or losing money, Lots of Slots can be a great way of seeing if it’s up your street.

Lots of Slots is the latest example of e-gaming and i-gaming coming closer together. For those unaware, e-gaming is video games, and i-gaming is casino games, and the two are becoming increasingly similar in terms of mechanics. Perhaps the biggest example of a shared mechanic is RNG (also known as RN Jesus by gamers who are gifted very lucky loot in a video game). RNG is the random number generator. In i-gaming it’s essential to ensure a game is truly random and is neither cheating the players nor being overly generous and making the online gambling site a loss. In e-gaming, RNG determines random loot drops and proceeds on the same sort of lines (some games might offer perks to improve your chances, such as augmenting the Lucky Charm stat in Divinity Original Sin 2).

Online Casinos: Yukon Gold

Lots of Slots also supports TV mode if you prefer to see things on the bigger screen. The game has achieved particular popularity in Canada, with players enjoying the mixture of e-gaming and i-gaming. Many players have made the move from the Switch game to online betting sites. This is perhaps unsurprising, as Canadians are fond of engaging in the myriad of slots and table games available at online casinos, including Playolg Casino, the all time favorite of Canadians that uses the infamous Microgaming software.

Canadians have more online casino opportunities than Americans due to legislation south of the border being a tangled mess of restriction and ambiguity, enabling players from Canada to enjoy online gambling sites both domestic and overseas.

Fans of Lots of Slots may naturally gravitate towards reels, and there’s a huge range of games for Canadians to choose from, with the biggest beasts such as NetEnt, Microgaming, and Playtech offering literally hundreds each. There are simpler games for newcomers, such as Starburst, progressive jackpots with huge prizes, such as Mega Moolah, and even some VR games (Gonzo’s Quest), with new games and mechanics coming in all the time. But if you’re an old school card shark then the top Canadian casinos have you covered too, with both regular and live dealer versions of baccarat, blackjack, roulette, poker, and craps readily available.

Gambling and Casinos in Video Games

Gambling in video games is nothing new, and has only grown in popularity in recent years, both in Canada and elsewhere in the world. Rockstar Games are especially keen on, and talented at, including real gambling games in their products, with Western adventure Red Dead Redemption featuring a great poker simulation. More recently they’ve released the GTA casino, which offers blackjack, poker, roulette, slot machines, and video horse racing.

It might not be too surprising to find slots and cards in clearly adult video games set in a grim and gritty world (whether Western America or a modern day city), but they also pop up in perhaps less expected games. Dragon Quest XI is a fantastic JRPG with daring heroes, a vibrant manga art style and not one but two casinos. These feature slots, poker, and roulette (and can be a great way of getting cool new equipment when you cash your chips). A major difference between this and the GTA casino is that in DQXI you can only buy chips with in-game currency, whereas GTA allows for in-game or real-world currency to purchase chips (though neither allows cashing out for real-world money).

Entirely new card games have also proven a fan favorite, both recently and in the past. Final Fantasy VIII’s Triple Triad was a great sideline, and smash hit The Witcher 3 is sometimes treated by players as a Gwent simulator with a massive RPG attached (Gwent being the addictive and fun card game Geralt plays).

Other games make cards the entire basis of the gameplay mechanic, from Slay the Spire to Ancient Enemy, an engaging game inspired in part by Solitaire. Gwent itself has become a game available as a free to play digital game, and it would be a little surprising if CD Projekt Red’s next release, Cyberpunk 2077, didn’t feature a similar game.