Craps Live - Complete Game Guide (New Guide 2023)

Craps is a famous casino game that is majorly played in land based casinos. In November 2020 Evolution launched the worlds first online live craps game which now gives you the opportunity to play live craps online. It is a fun game that multiple players can play at once. Each player stakes for a particular number to be rolled. The online live version of the game does not have players pouring around the table to make a wager. You will not get to see players excitedly rooting about the game or expressing their disappointment if the roll is bad. The online game is played in complete solitude, but that does not make it any less enjoyable. You can still win a lot of money, which is why you are playing the Craps game.

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Rules Of Craps Live

Craps is a casino game that is pretty fun to play and goes at a swift pace. This makes it a bit tricky to learn the rules just by watching the game. The rules are mostly centered around the shooter and the bet, making it easy to learn the game.

Here are the rules of the game laid down for you:

  • Wait to get a place on the Craps table. Only 20 players are allowed at one go join the game per roll. So, if you want to play the game, you have to wait until a table is available.
  • You should follow the etiquettes of the shooter. If in case the shooter lands on the Point and ends the game, then they still be a shooter even in the next game. In case it happens that the shooter lands on a 7, then the position gets passed onto a shooter who is a new player on the table.
  • You cannot bet on an individual dice. The bets are placed on the combined value of two dice.
  • Your bets count not only when you roll the dice but also when you are the shooter. If you have put your chips on the table, then you play the game.
  • The dealer announces the Bet is being taken on each game. It would be best if you made bets only when the dealer takes them.

Craps Live Features 

Craps is a popular casino table game that requires two dice and a board to play the game. The players are given chips to place their Bet. The game is done in rounds, and 20 players’s take turns to shoot and roll the dice. The Crap game aims to guess the exact dice value that will be rolled by the shooter.

  • A mechanical arm rolls the dice that makes the game fair, which means you do not have to blame the dealer. The mechanical arm throws the dice with different strength and speed every time. It mimics the way a human would perform without the elements of biasedness of a human.
  • The players can clap and cheer on Craps live while waiting for the result’s announcement. They can do this even when they have no bets placed in the current round. There is a chat room that lets the one to chat with the dealer and the casino fellows.
  • The excellent UI simplifies things. Players can have a menu that offers only a single roll bet. It is perfect for beginners as it lets you learn the Crap game steps, one step at a time.
  • My Number is an additional feature that makes it easy and exciting to play the Crap game. Each number is the total that is possible when the dice is thrown. It is the number that you need to win without a possible payout. When you place your Bet on the spot, then the corresponding number and the potential payout for that Bet will be shown if the total gets rolled. My Number shows the amount that you can win as you continue to place the bets.
  • It is also possible to place the Bet directly from My Number. When you move over a particular number, this highlights the matching spots of Bet highlighted on the grid. When you click on the number, it places a bet on the specific number.

Craps Live Betting Options 

Every act on the Crap table moves around the Bet. Players do not have to memorize the side bet, but they should be aware of the basic bets that make the game enjoyable.

Pass Line Bet & Don’t Pass Bet

  • Pass Line Bet - Players are allowed to join the Crap game only by using this particular bet. When the players make the Pass Line Bet, they wager on the value of the dice to be a 7 or 11 ahead of a 2, 3, or a 12. 7 will land most of the players in the game Craps, also why many Bets that the players put is on the Pass Line.
  • Don’t Pass Bet - Don’t Pass Bet is the opposite of the Pass Line Bet. The players bet on a 2 or 3 landing before a 7, 11. If the number 12 gets rolled, then it is a Push. In such a case the dealer will have to return the money of the player.

Come Bet & Don’t Come Bet

  • Come Bet - This Bet can be staked after rolling the Point number. The punter makes a Come Bet. This is if they feel that the shooter will get landed the dice on the 7 or 11 value before the dice lands on Point number.
  • Don’t Come Bet - The Don’t Come Bet is the opposite of it. When the player makes the Don’t Come Bet, they are wagering that the shooter dice will land on the Point number before landing on 7 or 11.

How To Win At Craps Live 

  • You will never get stuck with the rolled points such as 4 or 10 as these are less frequently rolled. So always bet on these numbers.
  • The house edge is lower than when you place the Bet on 6 and 8 because of the free odds that back your pass bet
  • Hedge bets can turn any losing number into a winner that gives you a profit when you lose on the main Bet.
  • The pass-come-odds and don’t pass-don’t come-lay odds are the lowest in-house edges and the best shot to let you win the sessions.
  • If you cannot afford the odds, placing the 6 and 8 give you a shot to win while keeping the wagering low.


The objective of the game is to bet on the outcome of two dice. It is a game of chance, and the wager is dependent on the dice combination that is rolled. The main aim is to guess the number that will come up in the next roll. Craps is a game of guesswork, but that does not make the game any less fun. When players play the Craps Live game online, it increases their players control over the game.

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