Why You Should Choose a Bitcoin Online Casino

bitcoin casinos

For those who are searching for an online casino to use you should be looking at the Bitcoin ones to ensure that you are finding the best ones. There are numerous reasons that you might want to do this, including the fact that they are going to be secure and they would have great promotions and bonuses. There is a lot more that you should know about these Bitcoin online casinos, including their history, how to choose the right one and much more.

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History of Bitcoin Casinos

Ever since Bitcoin started to become popular more and more online companies started to open up using it, including casinos. They started popping up all over the internet in 2010 and at first they weren’t looked at very well, but over time that has changed. These are now highly sought after and it is ideal for players who don’t want to invest their own money, but instead just play with the Bitcoin that they earn.

Pros and Cons When Using Bitcoin Casinos

If you are using Bitcoin when it comes to gambling, then you are going to find that there will be both pros as well as cons. The more you know about these, then the easier it is going to be when you are making the choice of which casino to use. Some of the pros for the players would include:

There are also some pros that the operators of the games would be able to enjoy and that you should be aware of, such as:

Ensure that you are aware of these various pros and that you are thinking about them if you are considering using your Bitcoin to gamble. There are also a few cons that you are going to want to be aware of, such as:

These are only a few of the top cons that you need to know about and the more you know, the better. These will help you to decide if Bitcoin is right for you when gambling online.

How to Choose the Right Bitcoin Casino

Another good thing that you need to consider is choosing the right online casino, and there is plenty to consider. Some of the top factors to think about includes:

Payment Methods

You should always make sure that you are looking at the types of payments that they accept since not all of them take Bitcoin. However, there are plenty that do so make sure you are considering how they are going to handle the transaction.


You are also going to want to consider if you are going to be able to move or add part of the Bitcoin total to your account or if they require you to add the entire amount. Also, think about what the lowest minimum amount is that you can add along with the most.

Deposit Fees

Another thing you want to think about is what the transaction fees are going to be and how much you would be paying. This is vital if you are thinking about how much to add and you want to know how much you might pay to add the money.

Withdrawal Fees

After you have won you should look and see if you are going to have other options for transferring your winnings. If you use Bitcoin would you have to collect your winnings in Bitcoin or can you transfer them to your bank account and much more.


You would also need to look at the games that are available at the Bitcoin online casinos and compare them to the games that you want to play. This is vital since you want to only play the games that you know the rules to and that you enjoy.

Exchange Rate

Ensure that you know how much your Bitcoin is currently worth and that you are looking at the exchange rates that they are going to give you. It is important that you are finding an online casino that will give you the best exchange rate and find out how often it changes, which could be daily.


Also, there are some online casinos that would give you different bonuses if you are using Bitcoin as your payment method. Make sure that you are aware of just what types of bonuses they are going to give you, which could include more spins or even more money in your account.

You should consider all of these factors when it comes to choosing the right online Bitcoin casino for all of your gambling needs. Ensure that you are using these when you are thinking about and looking at the various casinos before you make any final choice.


In the last 10 years online Bitcoin casinos have become more popular, especially for those who want to be able to gamble easier. This is going to be a great way to use the Bitcoins that you have since you might not be able to use them for other types of transactions. These make it much faster and easier for the transactions to be completed since they don’t have to worry about any 3rd parties being involved and approving the transactions.

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