Live Roulette South Africa - History and Different Types

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Live Roulette History

Live online roulette is one of the newest casino game types out there, in fact it hardly existed before 2010.

The idea of online casinos started in 1994 when Microgaming developed the first gambling software. It took some time and there are still some controversies regarding which was the first online casino but most sources state it was the InterCasino. Either way the first online casinos were born in 1996.

These were the times when most people didn’t know what internet was and if they did, everything was very slow.

Both casino software and internet connectivity needed to develop a lot more for casinos to even consider offering live games online. Supposedly the first live games arrived in 2006 although that’s hard to prove because those casinos either don’t exist anymore, their initial domain has changed since then or there simply aren’t any online records which would date so far back. The first record of online games that I was able to find was from September 2012 at the very first InterCasino! (see screenshot of their offer).

The first live roulette games were actually just live games (no “roulette”) because casinos only had one live dealer who moved from table to table playing first poker, then roulette, then baccarat, … and all games were scheduled upfront and therefore not available 24/7.

What we can see today is a very different story. There is no casino that wouldn’t offer live games, you have so many different games available that it’s hard to choose, they are all available 24/7 and the broadcast is smooth and crystal clear.

One of the leading software providers for live games and therefore also live roulette is Evolution Gaming. You will be able to find their games in almost every online casino, however feel free to pick your own favorite provider.

Live Roulette South Africa

Live Online Roulette – What Are The Different Types?

Live roulette is much different from online casino games; here, players will play with real dealers and real-time. The players will witness the entire process of live roulette from the start to the end, as the dealer will spin the roulette wheel and throw in the balls.

Moreover, players will witness the same gambling experience as real-life casinos when playing at live roulette. The multi-camera immersive views will give a world-class live gambling experience, which will bring the players closer to the games and enabling them to follow each wheel spin and movement of the balls. These days, live roulette has come with various new features like extensive statistics and autoplay, which can help place bets, and players can chat and save some favorite bets.

With the help of these features, players can gamble at live roulette on any device. However, live roulette comes in a wide variety that can cater to the players worldwide on online roulette tables. No matter which lives roulette a player chooses to play, they will experience the thrill and other players on HD quality streaming. Let us discuss some of the live roulette types:

  • Live European Roulette

Live European roulette is a core game for European players and beyond, offering huge numbers of VIP tables and standards from a single host. Here players will experience the world-class live roulette experience along with many evolutions live casino games. Moreover, with a user-friendly interface, rich features like chat, autoplay, and extensive statistics, and with live interaction helps to make complicated betting simple for all the players to place their bets easily.

  • Immersive Roulette

It is one of the premium quality lives roulette, which can draw all the players’ attention into the gameplay action. The gameplay features multi-cameras of Hollywood style to provide a better gambling experience that shows HD quality videos with 200 frames rate per seconds alongside with a slow-motion replay of the winnings color-number when the ball stops.

  • French Roulette

The French live online roulette wheel features a single zero with other numbers from 1 to 36 like a European roulette. It follows the rules of La Partage, which states if the player places the bet with an even money number and the ball rests on the zero number, then the users will get back half of its bet price.

  • Speed Roulette

It is the super-fast version of dealers in live online roulette; each round takes only 25 seconds for every new spin. Moreover, it is not even the 50% duration of the standard online roulette games. Here all the gambling enthusiastic can place more bets than other live roulette games and make a big win. It is custom-designed with the aim of fast lane alongside supported by highly experienced live dealers. Players will place their bets during the spin, so there will be no dead time, and if you have not placed the bet, you can do it on the next rounds.

The information above is about the different types of live online roulette offering greater features and better gameplay to all the users. Are you interested in more table games, maybe blackjack? Check out the the blackjack guide!

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