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It all began in 2003. The online poker scene was booming, and I, the author behind Kiff Slots, joined the masses in beating online poker players all over the world. An idea was born to start a site with Rakeback. The idea was implemented, and my first site of mine was born. A lot of poker was played during these years. Dozens of poker sites have been played on and gone through.

The poker boom wear off a couple of years later and the players were decreasing. A new idea was born. Time to beat the bookies by betting on sports. It all went well, and a lot of bets were made. It all was very time-consuming, so when the family time came, it was time to step it down.

After a couple of years, it was time to beat the bookies again, I thought, but I was wrong. The online casino scene was now enormous. Now was the time for a bonus hunt instead. Money was made. This money is currently invested in this site to give something back to the online gambling scene.

We hope you are going to enjoy Kiff Slots, and may all the luck be with you on your online casino journey!